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“Having worked in the trades sector for years, I was fed up of the rubbish solutions out there to run a trade business on the go. So I put the tools down, picked up a keyboard and I created Tradify.”

Curtis Bailey
CEO and Founder

The Tradify Story

At Tradify we have a team of amazing people who all work towards one goal – Taking the pain out of admin for tradespeople.

Most tradespeople are really good at what they do. But like most of the rest of us, many hate the admin part of the job – keeping track of costs, time, invoices, etc. Every hour spent doing admin is an hour not doing something that you love. So we created Tradify to take that pain away, so you can focus on what matters most.

With over 5000 tradespeople from all over the world loving and using our system every day – we think we might be onto something here.

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